The sustainability of the Indian Act

The Indian Act was established in 1876 by the Canadian government in an attempt to amalgamate all previous laws pertaining to First Nation people. It is a federal law in Canada enacted to govern the status of First Nations and their reserves. How relevant is this act today in terms of the First Nation people? […]

First Nation Chiefs say: “Oil May Go, But Not by Rail”

PRINCE GEORGE, BC, Feb. 18, 2015 /CNW/ – Northern B.C. First Nation leaders who this week agreed to consider an alternate oil-pipeline proposal say they will block any attempt to move oil through B.C. by rail. Chief Dan George of Burns Lake Band; Chief Archie Patrick of Stellat’en First Nation; Larry Marsden, Head Chief, on behalf […]

Effect Of Industry On First Nations In The New Era

Effect Of Industry On First Nations In The New Era The economic status of First Nations has been improving over the last two decades. Reasons like the Tsilhqot’in decision, enactment or amendment of federal laws regarding reservation land use, and better understanding of First Nations, their history and their current realities by the general public […]

The Importance of Building Capacity within Aboriginal Communities

The life of Aboriginal people worldwide is steeped in culture, traditions and spiritual beliefs. However, most Aboriginal people were forced to give up their way of living and adopt new traditions when Europeans “annexed” new lands and assumed rule. The story of Canadian Aboriginal people is also similar. Their way of life was either changed […]

GMG Consulting at the 5th Annual World Indigenous Business Forum (WIBF)

People from all over the world attended the 5th Annual World Indigenous Business Forum in Quatemala City.  The WIBF goal is to promote global trends and connections among five thousand native communities. There were approximately 300 participants and business people from all over the world attending the Forum including Marc Storms and Lee White from GMG […]

Achieving the Vision of a Healthy and Prosperous Community for the Aboriginal People

  Prior to the colonization of Canada, Aboriginal people employed comprehensive health-knowledge systems and used it to maintain sound physical and mental health. The systems collapsed with the advent of Europeans in Canada, and has never fully recovered. First Nation people have the poorest health in Canada and have a lifespan 10 years shorter than […]

The Malahat Way

The Malahat Way – A Cultural Accreditation Program GMG is honoured to partner with the Malahat Nation to design and deliver the Malahat Way. The program focuses on instilling traditional Malahat cultural values and practices into the contemporary world context. A long-term identity orientation program that will unify, align and act as a foundation for […]

Forestry Workforce Study

As a stakeholder in the forest industry and/or First Nations interests in BC, your participation in the attached survey and interview will contribute to advancing First Nation employment and economic development. The First Nations Forestry Workforce Supply and Opportunity Study is designed to contribute toward individual and community prosperity, employment and self-determination for First Nations […]