Clients & Projects

Our Clients

GMG is a relationship-based company, committed to building strength from within by working with Aboriginal communities and organizations, as well as government and resource-based industries, towards positive outcomes for Aboriginal people.

GMG works directly with clients to identify needs, priorities and strengths, and provides top-level training, strategic planning, engagement, and fundraising that incorporates local knowledge and skills required to promote the health and wellbeing of each Aboriginal individual, family and community. We strive to ensure that the skills, resources and action plans are culturally guided and remain with the local people.

Here is a list of who we have worked with.

Our Projects

GMG delivers a broad range of services to support our clients, all with the focus of building community and organizational capacity to support Aboriginal self-determination. The communities, organizations, government agencies and business opportunities that we work with engage us through an ongoing reciprocal relationship. We pride ourselves on understanding your needs, and then identify opportunities, funding sources, and partnerships that move you closer to your vision.

Here are a number of projects that we are working on.