The Malahat Way

The Malahat Way – A Cultural Accreditation Program

GMG is honoured to partner with the Malahat Nation to design and deliver the Malahat Way. The program focuses on instilling traditional Malahat cultural values and practices into the contemporary world context. A long-term identity orientation program that will unify, align and act as a foundation for community youth to bring the Malahat Way consciously into the modern world.

Program Design
The program will involve 6-8 Malahat youth for one full school day each month. The day being a consistent weekday each month (ie. Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday), and in a consistent week within each month (ie. the third week of the month).

The program will provide an experiential progression for the students through a guided discovery model supported by Elders, community leaders, teachers, and GMG’s facilitators and curriculum developers.

Malahat Family Tree
Where we come from and why it’s important. History, culture and heritage as catalysts for the evolution of the Nation

What it Means to be Malahat
Using the tools of cultural values, principles, practices, beliefs, and integrity to live healthy, successful, and purposeful lives

Malahat Nation Building
Sowing the seeds for future leaders and Nation ambassadors by understanding Band administration, treaty, business and governance

The Malahat Way
Where we are today, and how all things modern (from technology to communications to social/cultural dynamics to global events) shape and influence the future of the Nation and its citizens.

Education Outcomes

– Instilling the critical importance of Malahat cultural identity applied within a contemporary context.
– Developing an understanding of acceptance and the value of others as vehicles for growth and learning and community and personal development.
– Providing positive personal interaction with others as a vehicle for growth and learning.
– Modelling and mentoring “living what one speaks/ doing what one says” as to assume effective leaderships roles (meritocracy).
– Providing opportunities for community service so that it is upheld as vital to Malahat culture.