Since 2002, GMG Consulting Services (GMG) has helped dozens of Aboriginal communities and organizations raise more than $15 million to support a wide range of projects and community activities.

The delivery of programs and services that build strength and internal capacity for healthy and sustainable communities often requires funding and financial support from governments, foundations and other support agencies. Preparing effective and successful funding proposals that meet your needs and satisfy the criteria of funders can be extremely challenging for busy offices with limited staff resources.

If your community or organization is in need of fundraising assistance, GMG can help. We have a 95% success rate working with Aboriginal communities and organizations across the country to raise funds for badly needed infrastructure, programs and initiatives that build capacity and support community needs.

Some of these funding opportunities provide for services including (but not limited to):

  • Social and Health related planning and intervention programs to affect positive change both preventatively as well as in response to existing issues;
  • Economic Development opportunities;
  • Capital Expenditures and Infrastructural support;
  • Training and capacity building for service providers and clients;
  • Educational Support and Programming;
  • Employment, Skills Development and Training;
  • Elder participation in mentoring, community support and cultural events;
  • Initiatives to address and reduce the incidents of violence and crime;
  • Programs and services to support Residential School Healing initiatives; and
  • Parenting, Health and Wellness, and Youth development training and programs.

As part of our ongoing commitment to support community health, social and economic development, we are constantly working to identify new funding opportunities to add to our current database of existing funders and grants.

In all our work, we nurture relationships one person at a time, and as a result, we have built a strong reputation for honesty, respect, quality and effective funding acquisition, capacity building, and technical project management support. We support our Aboriginal clients to define, plan for, and fulfill – on their own terms – their community wellness strategy.