GMG provides a number of community based training programs which reflect years of carefully listening to the Elders, communities and agencies we work with. The tools and resources we create draw out the skills, strengths and capacity in each unique nation or agency we work with. We look forward to supporting you in the spirit of bringing good medicine to the people, developing skills and capacity in the community, and building strength from within.

Health and Wellness Training Programs and Services:

  • Lateral Violence Prevention Training
  • Foundation Good Medicine Health and Wellness Training Series: Addressing Community Health and Wellness Issues
  • Family Wellness and Traditional Parenting
  • Trauma Training: Building Capacity for Frontline Support Workers
  • Bullying and Youth Violence Prevention
  • Domestic Violence Response and Prevention
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Community and Family Support

All training programs are customizable and a train-the-trainer is available. All programs are available in a 2-day workshop, or 4-day train-the-trainer certification.