Negotiation, Consultation & Engagement

Building Stronger Relationships Between Industry and Aboriginal Communities

The corporate commitment to working proactively and collaboratively with Aboriginal communities is becoming the successful trademark of Socially Responsible Corporate practice, and studies clearly prove that it is also a profitable one. GMG has developed a number of proven approaches and models that help bridge the gaps to collectively benefit industry, government and Aboriginal people. The result is a clear, coherent and mutually respectful approach to identifying socio-cultural impacts and mitigation strategies, We also offer training in cultural awareness and appreciation, provide research and delivery of communication protocols, and help to design and implement engagement strategies and plans to support effective collaboration.

Through the strategic and specialized competencies, experiences, and relationships of its Senior Advisors, GMG is proud to serve as trusted advisors to Aboriginal organizations and First Nation Administrations – especially in the capacity of Community Relations Facilitators, Technical Advisors (on a range of social, health, Economic Development and Environmental Assessing processes) and Engagement Specialists. GMG provides a broader range of programs and services all of which bridge contemporary needs and realities with traditional Aboriginal approaches as defined by the local Aboriginal people directly involved.

GMG works extensively as facilitators on/for:

  • Community Consultation
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Mediation, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
  • Socio-Economic Research, Data Collection, and Analysis
  • Building and Maintaining Relationships
  • Cultural Competency Expertise and Training
  • Socio-Cultural Impact Assessments and Mitigation Planning
  • Supporting the Environment Assessment Process
  • Research and Evaluation

GMG has extensive experience in providing value-added technical support and services on/for:

  • Aboriginal Finance and Governance Issues
  • Aboriginal Community Economic Development
  • Aboriginal Pre-employment and Essential Skills Training
  • Aboriginal Health and Social Services
  • Overall Capacity Building Training to Support Meaningful and Productive Participation in Industry and Business- Related Developments

GMG has trusted advisors with extensive Aboriginal relationships and experience

The value proposition for Industry in partnering with GMG to provide Aboriginal Community Relations and other services specific to the unique and complex world of bridging two cultures, is that GMG is seen by Aboriginal communities, Leaders and Leadership Organizations (e.g. the BC Summit, the BC AFN, the Union of BC Indian Chiefs and their combined Leadership Executive Committee), as credible, reliable and sincere in our dedication to Aboriginal interests with a fulsome understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal community prosperity.