GMG Consulting at the 5th Annual World Indigenous Business Forum (WIBF)

People from all over the world attended the 5th Annual World Indigenous Business Forum in Quatemala City. 

The WIBF goal is to promote global trends and connections among five thousand native communities. There were approximately 300 participants and business people from all over the world attending the Forum including Marc Storms and Lee White from GMG Consulting. Marc and Lee also facilitated a youth discussion at the event.

The president of Guatemala Otto Molina Perez welcomes the WIBF delegation in their country, as the event took place in one of the hotels in the Zona 10, the city of Guatemala.

There were three days of sharing people’s experiences. Guatemala the hosting country for the WIBF event this year is making history in the Latin-American Continent as is the first country to host the World Indigenous Business Forum.

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